Some fantastic Investigations

Thanks to a meteorite landing and some fantastic new books we had some really amazing learning this week about the solar system .


Billy, James and Neiv worked brilliantly on this project and when they were presenting here are some of the questions and answers I heard:

“If you’re standing on the rings of Saturn will you fall or will you stay on?”

“Who knows what gravity is?”

“Any other questions about poor Pluto down here?”

”Do you know how tiny Pluto is?”

”They decided Pluto isn’t a planet because it can’t pull in good stuff”


Melbourne Zoo

Well it finally came around and we set off to the zoo – in the rain !!!!

Thanks to those parent helpers that took some photos and we will share some of them here.

The Lemurs certainly didn’t like the weather but look after each other very kindly.

Lucky some of us had umbrellas.

Not everyone got to see the tiger – most of the day she was hiding. Maybe she doesn’t like the rain either.

“Sometimes they were flicking mud onto their tummies to keep cool” – Ella

“The baby elephant went right under the water. ” – Blake

“The elephants were stacking onto each other under the water.” – Ryder


Hope that wasn’t a real baby elephant Jarrod and Ella !

The orangutans were very entertaining.

“This orangutan was putting paper over its head” – Ruby M.

“This is puzzle the corn snake. Everybody got to pat him. He felt a bit like corn.” – Charlotte.

“The little penguins are swimming in the water behind me. They are about the size of small ruler.” – Ella

“Jarrod is next to a lemur on the bridge rail. It looks so adorable.” – Tayla

Simply enormous!




Today in Investigations Charlotte was the Reporter and Albion was Photograher.

Here is what they gathered together:

Jaxson,Blake and James are playing with the train tracks.

Jarryd and Tayla are drawing bad guys.

There was some other fantastic learning going on as well ….



Book Day Parade

What an amazing effort JAB students – you all looked wonderful ,

Everyone is dressed up on Bookday and they look incredible- Charlotte

Ryder – Everybody’s costumes look awesome and they probably spent a lot of time on it.

Tayla – We all did activities and my favourite activity was making a letter after reading Animalia.

Devon – Our group made rainbow unicorns with glitter on them.



Music is Fun

Here are some of the highlights.




Some of the students were lucky enough to perform in Sweet Gingerbread Man

Jaxson wrote:

My favourite part was the drummer.

Charotte wrote:

My favourite part was Ghostbusters because I liked the song and the costumes. The best bit was the actions because they did it in time.

Lacey wrote:

My favourite part was Zootopia and We’re all Made of Stars because I was in it and in Zootopia and my friend Devon got to sing too. We sang in the microphone. It was so fun because I got to sing in the microphone twice.

Ryder wrote:

My favourite part was the drummer because when he played the drums he did something that was incredibly amazing.

Tayla wrote:

My favourite part was when Mark and Nick were showing how to use a guitar. I liked it because it was funny when Nick was singing when he wasn’t meant to.

Ella wrote:

I liked the part when JAB performed Sweet Gingerbread Man. That was my favourite part. I liked it because it was our class and it looked good. I liked the music too.


Welcome to JAB

Hello students, parents and carers,

Welcome to the JAB class blog for 2017.

Please feel free to respond to any posts – we would love to know you are looking at this blog.

Both the students and myself will be aiming to make at least one post each week so that you have a better idea of what is going on in the classroom. It will also help the students learn about the different uses of social media.

This first week we have mainly focused on setting up a positive classroom community and getting used to the routines and responsibilities of being in Grade One. We have also been learning about the brain and in particular how everything we do results in changes inside the brain and that we can all get better at things even when we make mistakes. We are learning not to say …” I can’t do it.” and instead to say I can’t do it yet.

This is all part of learning how to have a ‘Growth mindset’ instead of a ‘Fixed mindset’.  More on that later….

The students made some neurons ( brain cells or nerve cells ) and these posters helped them to see that we get more neurons and connections every time we practise something. Even making mistakes helps our brain to change.

And here we are at the end of the today enjoying some icy poles ! So it’s not all serious.