Market Day

The students had a great time at our JAB Market that we opened yesterday. They were able to try out their new money-handling skills and sell their wares. We had:

A Jewellery Shop


The Bakery


The Toy Shop


The Delicious Lolly Shop


The Best Quality Bank



Over the last 2 weeks each group had to collaborate and create a range of items to sell at their shop and  put different prices ony each. They also had to create signs that would persuade customers to visit their shop and to buy.  The bankers had to create accounts for each student.

On the Market Day,  the students took turns being shop-keepers and the shoppers.

img_0076 img_0080 img_0096 img_0104 img_0105 img_0112 img_0117 img_0120 img_0123 img_0125 img_0131


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