Olden Days

We are currently having a great time completing our historical unit. After much research we planned an Olden Days school day. So last Thursday we pretended it was 24th November, 1895.


We all got dressed up and the students only had blackboards and chalk.


The students were very well behaved because the teacher was very very strict !

img_0262 img_0265-2


We did arithmetic, geography, dictation and spelling.img_0271 img_0275 img_0265-2 img_0286

The students thought of loads of questions such as “When did they invent colour pencils ?”  ” How did they get to school ?”  ” How did they see with no electricity and no lights?”   – so lots of things to find out in the last two weeks of Investigations Time.

This week we have been writing letters to old people ( who may not like to think that they are actually that old so sorry in advance ) to find out about school for them.

lochlansletter milessletter noorsletter olden-days

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