Creativity and Collaboration

It was fabulous to see what this group came up with. We talked about how it was only possible through some planning and getting along skills.

This group had some challenges along the way but eventually they demonstrated great team-work and investigated the best design for their marble dropping experiments.


Writing hard

The students were working so hard today writing sentences on their whiteboards that I said,  “If I can hear your marker you are pressing too hard.” Then I realised just how hard they were working – all I could hear  

 was the squeaking of markers .  Wow! 


Weird and wonderful 

Today during investigations some of the students discovered this caterpillar. It is about the size of an adult pinkie. Quite chubby and and at first we didn’t think it was real…..

  It is now our classroom pet – don’t worry no one is allowed to touch it given that spikey thing! 
Apparently it is a Vine Hawk moth larvae. None of us had ever seen one and would love to know if others knew a bit about them. We will do some research ourselves too. 


Autumn is here.

We started off the term going on an Autumn Walk around the school. The students were truly delighted with the colours of the Autumn leaves they found and collected heaps for some craft work. Here are some examples of what they did with the leaves:







Some student posts

Our group learnt to do the whip kick. We went to the deep end and did pin drops and we also did dives too. We did back stroke.


By Quinn


We learnt how to float in the deep pool and also did pin drops.P1020919P1020828

By Tristan.



A great big thank-you to all those parents that came along and helped out – it made getting back to school so much easier.

All the students had a great time and moved ahead in their skills and confidence.




Let’s get ready for swimming

We are going swimming next week ! Monday 29th February until Friday 4th March.

Our lesson is at 11:15 so we will leave school before recess.

The children will need:




plastic bag or swimming bag for wet stuff

underwear –  if they wear their bathers to school under their uniform.

Please feel free to come along and help out with the changing.


Ms Brisbane