Music is Fun

Here are some of the highlights.




Some of the students were lucky enough to perform in Sweet Gingerbread Man

Jaxson wrote:

My favourite part was the drummer.

Charotte wrote:

My favourite part was Ghostbusters because I liked the song and the costumes. The best bit was the actions because they did it in time.

Lacey wrote:

My favourite part was Zootopia and We’re all Made of Stars because I was in it and in Zootopia and my friend Devon got to sing too. We sang in the microphone. It was so fun because I got to sing in the microphone twice.

Ryder wrote:

My favourite part was the drummer because when he played the drums he did something that was incredibly amazing.

Tayla wrote:

My favourite part was when Mark and Nick were showing how to use a guitar. I liked it because it was funny when Nick was singing when he wasn’t meant to.

Ella wrote:

I liked the part when JAB performed Sweet Gingerbread Man. That was my favourite part. I liked it because it was our class and it looked good. I liked the music too.


Welcome to JAB

Hello students, parents and carers,

Welcome to the JAB class blog for 2017.

Please feel free to respond to any posts – we would love to know you are looking at this blog.

Both the students and myself will be aiming to make at least one post each week so that you have a better idea of what is going on in the classroom. It will also help the students learn about the different uses of social media.

This first week we have mainly focused on setting up a positive classroom community and getting used to the routines and responsibilities of being in Grade One. We have also been learning about the brain and in particular how everything we do results in changes inside the brain and that we can all get better at things even when we make mistakes. We are learning not to say …” I can’t do it.” and instead to say I can’t do it yet.

This is all part of learning how to have a ‘Growth mindset’ instead of a ‘Fixed mindset’.  More on that later….

The students made some neurons ( brain cells or nerve cells ) and these posters helped them to see that we get more neurons and connections every time we practise something. Even making mistakes helps our brain to change.

And here we are at the end of the today enjoying some icy poles ! So it’s not all serious.


Olden Days

We are currently having a great time completing our historical unit. After much research we planned an Olden Days school day. So last Thursday we pretended it was 24th November, 1895.


We all got dressed up and the students only had blackboards and chalk.


The students were very well behaved because the teacher was very very strict !

img_0262 img_0265-2


We did arithmetic, geography, dictation and spelling.img_0271 img_0275 img_0265-2 img_0286

The students thought of loads of questions such as “When did they invent colour pencils ?”  ” How did they get to school ?”  ” How did they see with no electricity and no lights?”   – so lots of things to find out in the last two weeks of Investigations Time.

This week we have been writing letters to old people ( who may not like to think that they are actually that old so sorry in advance ) to find out about school for them.

lochlansletter milessletter noorsletter olden-days


Market Day

The students had a great time at our JAB Market that we opened yesterday. They were able to try out their new money-handling skills and sell their wares. We had:

A Jewellery Shop


The Bakery


The Toy Shop


The Delicious Lolly Shop


The Best Quality Bank



Over the last 2 weeks each group had to collaborate and create a range of items to sell at their shop and  put different prices ony each. They also had to create signs that would persuade customers to visit their shop and to buy.  The bankers had to create accounts for each student.

On the Market Day,  the students took turns being shop-keepers and the shoppers.

img_0076 img_0080 img_0096 img_0104 img_0105 img_0112 img_0117 img_0120 img_0123 img_0125 img_0131



Book Week

W e started celebrating Book Week with our parade on Friday. Everyone looked amazing and enjoyed our day of book related










We also needed to chose our favourite book so far this year. We had a vote and “The Enchanted Wood ” won easily. Still appealing after all these years.




These are the reasons some of the students chose it:

IMG_0454Montaza says ” I liked the part when Mighty One froze the red goblins and they had to do what he said.”

IMG_0455Ina says ” I liked it when Bessie got the fairy wings that really flew when she was in Birthday land.”


IMG_0458Zane says ” My favourite part was when they were in the land of ice and snow and they had a snowball fight.”



Creativity and Collaboration

It was fabulous to see what this group came up with. We talked about how it was only possible through some planning and getting along skills.

This group had some challenges along the way but eventually they demonstrated great team-work and investigated the best design for their marble dropping experiments.